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Technological officers of Pakistan Bureau of Surveying and Map... [12/2]
The 25th Chinese Antarctic Expedition Team Set out from Shangh... [10/30]
Governor Li Zhanshu of Heilongjiang Province and His Party Ins... [10/30]
Heilongjiang Bureau of Surveying and Mapping Gave a Warm Send-... [10/20]
Heilongjinag Bureau of Surveying and Mapping Sent Five Expedit... [10/8]
Polar Surveying And Mapping
Polar Surveying and Mapping is the important support for polar expedition and an undeniable integral part of the polar scientific research
West China Topographic Mapping
1:50000 scale topographic map is the indispensable basic geographical information material for the development of the economic society and for the security of the national defense. ...
Public Service Platform
"Heilongjiang Public Service Platform of Geographical Information" is a constructive project introduced by Heilongjiang Development and Reform Commission. It is an opening ...
Talent Cultivation

Carry on extensive and deep talent cultivation with the universities, colleges and scientific research institutions at home and abroad.....

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