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Heilongjiang Public Service Platform of Geographical Information
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"Heilongjiang Public Service Platform of Geographical Information"  is a constructive project introduced by Heilongjiang Development and Reform Commission. It is an opening platform serving for the Government, public and industrial users, centering on the surveying and mapping high-tech application, aiming at promoting the development strategies of revitalizing the old industrial bases in Northeast China and Ha-Da-Qi industrial corridor, and providing the support of geographical space frame data for the construction of  E-government. Besides the fundamental orientation service, it integrates various distributed and isomeric information resources. The platform not only realizes the integration, sharing and all-round services of geographical information in various network environment, but also constructs a platform to integrate and sharing the information resources and provide the net services for all government departments so as to realize the combination of surveying and mapping with modern informational society, as well as lay foundation for the further informationization of surveying and mapping.

At the end of the year 2006, the project in the same title was established formally as a major project for scientific and technological development of Heilongjiang provincial "11th Five-Year Plan" by Heilongjiang Provincial Science and Technology Department. The project bases on the central platform-"Heilongjiang Public Service Platform of Geographical Information" to integrate the industrial thematic information and establish thematic demonstration projects on the fields of transportation, forestry and agriculture in Heilongjiang province. It will provide the thematic services for the industries on the platform so as to meet the overall objectives of the platform construction.  


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